Frequently asked questions for all our Standfirst products.

Why is Standfirst better than standard WordPress?

Standfirst is specifically designed and built for online publishers. The software is based on WordPress core functionality, with added custom focussed tools and features. All the pricing plans include standard tools, with the option to build further tools and features through custom development*

*Options depend on the plan you choose.

How much will it cost to subscribe?

The easiest way to find out is by heading over to the pricing plans shown on each product page. For pricing details for Standfirst for Web and all enterprise plans, please contact us.

Is Standfirst free to try?

As standard, we offer a free ‘try before you buy’ demo. For a limited period, we’re also offering a free period to use the platform as long as you sign up to a 12-month agreement. For more information, take a look at the individual product pages.

Do I own my website on Standfirst for Web?

The content is owned by you. Any designs we create are owned by you. The core software which is based on WordPress is distributed under the GPL licence. You can download the latest version of WordPress but you don’t own it.

Any custom code including plugins and theme customisations that belong to Standfirst are retained by Interconnect IT Ltd.

What is Software as a Service (SaaS)?

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a licensing and delivery model used to provide software applications over the internet. It’s usually hosted by the service provider, who then charge access to use the software on a subscription basis. All Standfirst products are sold on this basis.

What training solutions do you offer?

We offer initial onboarding and in depth training if required, across all our products. We also have an excellent online help site, to cover all the most asked questions for all our products — this is to help get you up and running in no time. Learn more.

Our Standfirst for Web platform comes with the option for remote onboarding, as does Standfirst for Kindle. The level of support you might need varies from customer to customer, so this is usually discussed as part of your price plan.

Standfirst for Alexa has a fully automated subscription and onboarding process for the standard plans and includes rigorous instructions to get you started. This is colour coded for added clarity. Depending on your plan we offer further remote training, should you require.

What support do you offer?

We run a monitored support desk Monday - Friday 9 am - 5 pm UK time. With any price plan, you can raise your issue by emailing us directly at the service desk email address provided to you. We also offer telephone support, 24/7 site monitoring and 24/7 emergency call-out cover at an additional cost.

Our help site is a good place to start to troubleshoot user support related queries. Take a look.

When does support start?

As soon as your product launches!

Can you place advertisements on Standfirst for Web?

Yes, you can. We work with a number of ad server platforms. We can also create spaces for static adverts. This all forms part of your requirements and initial engagement with us to figure out the best options for you. Prices are subject to the complexity of your requirements.

How secure will my Standfirst for Web site be?

As standard; we use SSL, creating an encrypted connection to improve security and reassure readers that using the website is safe. We use two-factor authentication, best-practice techniques and restricted user roles to provide safety and reassurance.

How does Standfirst comply with GDPR?

We are registered with the ICO (Information Commissioner's Office) and follow current guidance with regular audits for best practice. Our Standfirst codebase is version controlled on GitHub and deployed to the Heroku hosting platform.

For more information about how we use your details and to update your contact preferences, read our full Privacy Policy.