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Standfirst Publish Enhancements — Q1 2024

We are pleased to present the latest updates to Standfirst Publish, marking the beginning of our quarterly update series for 2024.

As well as the usual security improvements, bug fixes and minor development, there are also some larger updates. Some of which we will roll out automatically and others you can ‘add-on’ to your site. Here’s a summary of the key updates:

Enhanced Functionality:

  • Shipping and Billing Addresses: Manage digital and print subscriptions more efficiently with the ability to input separate shipping and billing addresses, providing a seamless experience for your customers.
  • Image Gallery: A dynamic image carousel, offering an alternative method to showcase collections of photos within your articles.
  • Optimised Images: We’ve optimised image loading, tailoring it to device specifications to enhance performance. Additionally, users can now set focal points for precise image cropping and positioning, ensuring only the desired portions are displayed.

Standfirst Extras:

  • Group Subscription Plans: Simplify access to premium content by offering group subscription plans, catering to business needs.
  • Apple Pay and Google Pay Integration: Seamlessly accept payments via Apple Pay and Google Pay on mobile devices, facilitated by our integration with Stripe.
  • Sponsored Content Opportunities: Unlock additional revenue streams through sponsored content placements, expanding monetisation possibilities for your site.
  • Quiz Maker: Create interactive quizzes to further engage your audience and drive interaction on your website.
  • Search Result Filters: Improve user navigation and experience with search result filters, enabling quicker access to desired content.

As usual, your feedback and support are invaluable as we continue to innovate and improve. Keep your eyes peeled for what’s to come in Q2!

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