About Standfirst

What is Standfirst?

Standfirst is the registered trademark behind a collection of software tools developed specifically with the publishing industry in mind. We currently offer three product offerings, Standfirst for Web, Standfirst Kindle and Standfirst Alexa, with further products in the pipeline.

The technology powering Standfirst

We offer publishers value by developing the software we’ve been building for years. This knowledge is wrapped up into the powerful, affordable Standfirst package, designed to make life easier and more cost-effective for digital publishers. Some of the trusted technology partners we use are below, which power our super-charged custom code.

What makes us different?

We were one of the first development agencies to step into the world of WordPress, many years ago. Continuously developing and innovating for the publishing industry ever since, we have pushed the boundaries of software development. Knowledgeable, experienced, relationship focused and affordable — we think this gives us the edge.

The team behind Standfirst

Standfirst is the registered product of InterconnectIT Ltd. We’re a hard-working bunch of digital specialists based in Liverpool, with over 15 years industry experience. We eat, sleep and dream of designing better publishing solutions for customers all over the world.

Our values

Building software products is about people. Whether it’s a team member or a customer, our aim is to ensure people are comfortable on both sides of the relationship. We believe this is crucial to our collective success (us and you) and the development of the products we believe in.

What’s in a name?

Inspired by the old print publishing term, Standfirst describes the first lines of text after the headline — a feature intended to stand out — much like the idea behind our Standfirst publishing platform.

Leading publishers use Standfirst

NewStatesmanThe CriticThe SpectatorFamily Capitol