The Critic

The Critic magazine is a new monthly magazine reviewing politics, ideas, art, literature and more. Designed to spark debate and powered by Standfirst Publish.

The Challenge

The Critic is a new politics, culture and current affairs magazine. With a short lead time, they required a website that could work in parallel with their print publication. The editorial needed a flexible, powerful and easy to use workflow along with the capacity to handle large amounts of traffic.

The Solution

We used our Standfirst Publish platform to provide a framework to allow us to quickly design and build a site that fitted the look and feel of the title. All well within budget and ahead of the launch. We integrated with Intermedia's API to allow for easy print subscription management via an industry leader.

Editorial Tools

Standfirst Publish provides The Critic with powerful, out of the box, publishing tools. Developed after many years working with online and print publishers, the client hit the ground running, quickly amassing a large amount of online content in a short time.

The Critic logo


The Critic’s strategy was to build a following via the power of social media, therefore being able to withstand content going viral was essential. Standfirst for Web fully harnesses the power of cloud computing. This allows all sites powered by Standfirst for Web to scale up instantly and withstand the pressure of thousands of people looking at your content at once. It does this in a blink of an eye, meaning you never lose any eyes on your site.

10M+ Combined page views
8,250 Published articles
143 Podcasts
19,000+ Images optimised

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