Business of Creativity

An 8-week course delivered by Sir John Heggarty, with the aim of giving people the tools to power their creativity. John has been central to the global advertising scene for over six decades.

The Challenge

Development of a dynamic new marketing site with concise messaging, a refreshed brand identity, and enhancing user experience journeys for subscribers.

The Solution

Leveraging new brand elements, we crafted and developed a site with a fresh and original appearance. Through our Standfirst platform, we provided the customer with an uncomplicated method to update distinct blocks of marketing content.

Wireframes and user flows

With many projects, having a clear set of wireframes and user flows visualises the user experience before any coding begins. During this phase, our focus was on linking to external systems while ensuring clarity and logic for users. We employ colour-coded screens to enhance visibility. While avoiding detailed design elements at this stage, the wireframes maintain sufficient fidelity for making informed decisions.

Page builder content blocks

One objective was to empower the customer with content control, allowing them to add marketing and course content at their convenience. The CMS facilitates the management of module blocks through our Standfirst page builder tools.

The team at Standfirst were brilliant. They worked incredibly quickly to get our project off the ground in record time and the output was exactly what we were looking for.

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