Design Week

One of the UK's leading sources of news for the design industry. Established in 1986 as a print magazine, transitioning to a digital only publication in 2011.

The Challenge

Migration of over 70,000 posts from the existing Webvision platform to WordPress, restructuring into new data patterns. A sophisticated registration with integrated access management. Development and implementation of in depth search results.

The Solution

We developed custom scripts to meticulously manage and test the migration process. Integration of access management and direct marketing systems to boost user engagement. Development and implementation of Elastic search for fast and relevant search results.

Integration with Piano

Development of an advanced registration wall seamlessly integrated with Centaur's corporate Piano implementation. This integration enables enhanced information gathering and behaviour tracking, resulting in improved conversions and increased subscriptions.

Website Migration

An important aspect of this project involved developing for and managing the data migration from Webvision to WordPress. This phase was meticulously managed to guarantee accurate data mapping, and custom-developed scripts were employed for its execution.