Family Capital

Innovative online publisher focused on the world of family enterprises. Serving as a contemporary online magazine, providing essential services and insights for those working within this sector.

The Challenge

Professionalise and monetise a successful blog with zero monetisation. Combination of leaky and hard paywalls, a data product, and UX friendly subscription journey.

The Solution

Design and development of sophisticated website with digital branding, allowing this small publisher to compete and stand out in the world of finance reporting. Built on our Standfirst Publish platform, coupled with our Paywall. Development of a data product built in Laravel and tightly coupled with Standfirst Publish allowing unified sign-in.

Modern Design

FamCap is a small team that has to compete in the same space as far bigger competitors, right up to the Financial Times. We created a modern design to facilitate this, with strong and clear typography. This acts as a cue to quality which supports the excellent journalism present in the magazine.

Data Journalism

Publishers today often need to maintain a substantial database of information about their sector. FamCap required a simple to use framework for storing, managing and revealing their data to subscribers. We built a Laravel Application and integrated it tightly with Standfirst Publish.


Occasionally, a news article may reveal exclusive details about a prominent family office, potentially causing a spike in website traffic. Standfirst's content delivery network is designed to handle such surges effortlessly, ensuring the site remains stable and responsive, even under the pressure of significantly increased visitor numbers.

Consulting Support

As a smaller publisher, our support for FamCap encompasses a range of services aimed at enhancing its digital footprint and revenue generation. We provide expert guidance in digital strategy, helping to refine FamCap's online presence and user engagement.

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10 Million
Visitors to the Family Capital site.
143 Podcasts
Recorded and published.
Articles on the site.
19,000 Images
Uploaded and used on the site.

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