Mark Ritson’s Mini-MBA

Courses founded by Mark Ritson, leader in the field of Marketing, in conjunction with Marketing Week. Over 20,000 alumni since working with Standfirst.

The Challenge

The development of a flexible website, allowing the marketing team to quickly make changes. Careful integration with Piano for advanced CRM features. Excellent SEO and the ability to tweak and adjust content experimentally.

The Solution

Implementation of Standfirst, with a system of customisable elements and blocks, for ease of administration. Integration knowledge to build a lasting, performant and flexible website.

Clever responsiveness

The site has a sophisticated design and is responsible for converting leads for a business worth millions of pounds. Consequently it has to work perfectly in a range of contexts — from large screens to mobile phones and on every browser. This is an important aspect of any build, as problems could prove far more expensive than the site build costs.

Piano VX integration

Fulfilment, membership and behaviour tracking are all carried out using tight integrations with the class-leading Piano suite of tools, including Piano VX and Piano ID. Integration with Piano to drive conversions, renewals and billing. This allows the commercial team to do their work without affecting the site.

Strong SEO

Built with excellent structural SEO from the start, enhanced by a blog section to help with lead generation, by sharing content on social media platforms. The site is top of search engines for the term 'Mini-MBA', with rival courses forced to purchase search engine results instead. Tools installed, allow the site owners to adapt SEO terms, social media images and excerpts as required.

Standfirst have not only become key to development releases but are relied upon as our subject matter experts and consultants. A truly great team to work with.
25,000+ Alumni
Since working with Standfirst.
6,490 Courses
Sold in 2022.
11 Professors
Now working with the brand.
331% Growth
Since 2018.