Plaza Cinema

Community charity cinema requiring an easy to administer website for creating and managing listings. A project to give back to the community where some of our staff live.

The Challenge

Plaza cinema required an attractive, modern presence to help stand out from the crowd. An easy way to gather and display movie images for listings, trailer videos, ratings and other film information to reduce staff time. Cost effective, reliable and robust design.

The Solution

We designed and built a website with a cutting edge style, helping to keep the site busy and useful to local cinemagoers. Back-end UI integrated with The Movie Database's system, for easy staff administration, fetching all relevant information about a film with just a few seconds of work. Robust design and development to enable the site to work largely maintenance-free for over a decade.

Plaza cinema logo

Accessibility and SEO

An independent cinema needs good search engine optimisation in order to be found by local residents and to compete against the multiplexes. By designing the site with SEO in mind it's been almost too successful, attracting traffic from around the world!

Integration with The Movie Database

We integrated the site's back-end for creating listings with The Movie Database (TMDB) in order to quickly provide the admin team with a quick and easy way to gather images and information about a film. This reduced the time taken for listing a movie from a half hour job to just a few minutes at a time.

Back to the future

As a classic 1930s art-deco movie house, modernisation has been a constant theme in staying relevant to the local community. The website reflects the past with its art-deco motifs whilst at the same time bringing productivity and ease of use to the cinema.