Prime Resi

Prime Resi is the leading online news, insight & opinion resource for the UK's luxury residential property sector. An invaluable tool for consummate property professionals.

The challenge

Prime Resi faced challenges with a poorly performing WordPress site, featuring legacy functionality and security issues. Ongoing development was constrained by the site's architecture, primarily focused on news and directory content. A substantial content migration required restructuring. Additionally, the WordPress framework hosted the existing paywall and extensive subscriber base, necessitating rationalisation and migration efforts.

The solution

Site takeover focused on prioritising stability and performance before progressing to the comprehensive design and build phase. The migration involved thousands of articles and users, with content restructuring into articles and a directory-based web application.

Branding and design

The logo and color scheme underwent an evolutionary update. The new logo is a sleek and modern wordmark paired with fitting typefaces, primarily featuring Lato for a contemporary vibe. Playfair Display is chosen for titles and headers, adding personality and paying homage to the sector's history. While the blue retains its original hue, the yellow accent is refreshed, providing a more vibrant and contemporary look.

Personalised user dashboard

We added value by crafting personalised user dashboards for premium subscribers. This facilitates tracking and saving of favourite articles, companies, and property listings. Our scalable database structure now drives the web application content, providing flexibility for future expansions.

Membership and access control

With positive user experience firmly in mind, we developed a sophisticated access management system tailored specifically for PrimeResi. With four membership options, users can choose plans ranging from basic news article access and limited directory features, to unlimited corporate access, which unlocks all available features.

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